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Icon-app3CoachMe® Basketball Edition Draw & animate the game of basketball like a Pro

CoachMe® Basketball on tablet and phone

CoachMe® Basketball Edition is a powerful app loaded with features developed by coaches to help you create and share your PlayBook on your mobile device.

We have included several requested features from coaches of all levels and are committed to bringing you the best user experience possible.

Basketball is played across the world and has been talked about, drawn, and shared in a variety of ways. CoachMe® Basketball Edition has captured the ability to give you the tools to diagram the game the way you see it. With multiple player icons, routes, and court layouts you can be as creative as you want. We have also included the ability to create notes, save, and E-mail plays from within the app. The sequence and animation tools are state of the art. For a full list of features, check out the general features list in the app store. There is a lite version available in the app store, once you draw one play you’re going to want to draw them all!

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PlayBook Manager

Save an unlimited amount of plays in the PlayBook Manager. Easily navigate through the PlayBook to recall or delete saved plays.

State of the art play sequence feature

Diagram your basketball plays step by step through our top of the line play sequence feature. Players will automatically move to the end of their routes when you move to the next sequence in the play.


E-mail plays from within the App

Share your plays with coaches and players in color or black/white without even leaving the app. A simple tap of the envelope button and you’re on your way to sharing you play.

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