CoachMe® Applications

CoachMe® LockerRoom Stay connected with your team 24/7

LockerRoom overview

CoachMe® LockerRoom is your teams operations center. We have provided you a private team portal where you can create posts and comments to keep everyone up to date 24/7.

Every member of your team has their own personal “Locker” for more specific information to be communicated directly to them. From the LockerRoom you have access to your personal Locker, PlayBooks, and Messages all from one secure location.

Roster management

Roster Management

Roster Management allow control access to your teams’ web portal. You can invite players and coaches and other staff members. It allows you to assign different roles (Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Player, Staff Member, Team Admin) to each member. Take full control of who is entering into your LockerRoom and viewing content.

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LockerRoom activity

LockerRoom Board

The LockerRoom board captures the use of social networking for your team. Enjoy the secure notion of communicating with your team, viewing the latest PlayBook posts, reading the encouraging comments left on a player’s post.

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MyLocker activity


MyLocker provides the personal relationship amongst players and coaches. This feature enables the coach or player to visit another team member page and ask productive and collaborative questions.

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Customizing Team

Team Settings

Team Settings allow team administrators to fully customize the team web portal. You can change the team logo, motto, banner image and color scheme to your liking.

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