CoachMe® Features

CoachMe® PlayBook

Draw your PlayBook like a Pro.


Create your PlayBooks with ease! Everything you need to bring your play to life is just a click away.

With state of the art animation tools and customizable player and background options, CoachMe® PlayBook provides the canvas for your masterpiece.

Create your virtual PlayBook and customize your plays like never before.

Have you always wanted to have your base offense or defense be populated on the screen with a simple tap of a button so you can save the time of drawing up the same offense or defense over and over again? Wait no longer! Customize your presets and make it simple to draw and scheme with your coaches and players.

Player Toolbar


The player toolbar gives you multiple player/formation options to choose from so you can customize your formations to fit your offensive or defensive system. You can also choose to set your own custom presets for future use to help save time when starting a new play.

Drawing Tools


The drawing tools allow you to show different types of routes to identify if a player is running, blocking, going in motion, dropping into a zone, or executing a pass route. Secondary routes from the first route are also available (after motion, screen blocking, stop & go, etc.)

Delete Options


The trashcan provides you several delete options to erase routes and players from either side of the ball without erasing the entire play. You can also right click on a player for specific player delete options.

Playbook Drop-down Menu


The Playbook Drop-down Menu allows you to quickly select from one playbook or play without leaving the web app. This is a large time saver when you are showing multiple plays to coaches and players.

Play Settings


Play Settings is a great place for you to customize your play. You can choose from multiple field layouts, customize your animation by hiding or showing routes, and choosing the speed of you animation. This gives you the ability to coach with your own style.

Player Settings


You can choose to give a color to players, routes, or you can choose to add a label to players with a name or a brief coaching point.

Passing Feature


The passing feature provides the ability to illustrate and animate the path of the ball throughout the play! Show your players the football’s motion from the center to the QB to the receiver.



Bring your plays to life with animation! Our user controlled animation feature allows you to play, pause and reset while coaching. Simply click play and watch your players move along their routes to demonstrate what the play looks like.

PlayBook Manager


The PlayBook Manager provides a place to create, view, organize, and share PlayBooks. This is your virtual PlayBook with every play just clicks away.

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