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CoachMe Web is Free!

Announcements Posted almost 7 years ago

PORTLAND, Ore., April 18, 2016 -- MeApps Corporation* has opened the transcending playbook platform to all users seeking the best way to create, animate and distribute plays through an integrated solution. The solution, CoachMe Football, provides hosted web and mobile playbook applications to help football coaches, players, parents and the everyday enthusiast with creating interactive playbook to improve game-planning productivity.

Technology is advancing more rapidly than ever. That is why teams need tools that put them in a position to win. The importance of accessibility and mobility are the key factors that drives the adoption of integrated, cloud-based solutions such as CoachMe.

CoachMe Football places the power of playbook diagramming in the hands of the coach, whether in the classroom, on the field, on a flight or at home. A platform designed for collaboration, CoachMe Football gives the coaching staff the ability discuss play design while creating the play. Customized with presets for offensive/defensive plays and field layouts, you will be quickly drawing plays with a few clicks of your mouse or touch on your mobile device. Get started today with developing game day scenarios using the CoachMe Football platform for the following:

  • CoachMe Football: Scout Cards – Prepare your team by setting up your play cards and scripts to remain efficient during game week planning.
  • CoachMe Football: Drills and Route Tree – Includes the tools to teach youth how to execute proper skills and routes.
  • CoachMe Network: Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere – Connect to your playbook application from any connected device from anywhere when needed.

The CoachMe Football user also receive access to an administrator portal that allows you to easily add new or remove users and set permissions and send messages to our staff and team with ease. You can control how the team views and edits plays, print plays and share plays.

As of today, CoachMe Football Web Edition is now available for free for all users. CoachMe Football is your playbook application. In addition to web, CoachMe Football is available for iOS and Android. View your playbook at any time with our CoachMe Network. Need to edit and save plays from your mobile device? Upgrade to the Pro package for $9.99 to save unlimited plays and develop your playbook on the go from any connected device.

For more information about CoachMe Football and how you can start developing your web playbook please visit

*MeApps Corporation provides an easy-to-use PlayBook diagramming system, CoachMe, that allows coaches and players to easily draw, animate, develop PlayBooks in real-time. CoachMe Football Web provides a secure web-portal for team management.

Your web playbook editor has been upgraded!

Announcements Posted over 7 years ago

We are excited to announce we have made several changes as requested by our users to the web playbook editor.  First and foremost you will see a dramatic speed difference in the loading time when you recall a saved play, this will enable you to quickly jump from play to play! We also increased the speed for the "Save As" tool so you can create your entire playbook and/or scout cards much faster. 

We also changed the user experience of saving to match that of our mobile app! You will now see a "Save" button located on the web editor similar to the mobile app (see picture below).  This means you are now in control of when you want your play to be saved, gone is the real time saving and labeling plays before creation.  Simply draw, tweak, and finish the play you want and save it along the way or at the end.  This means when you take advantage of the "Save As" feature, you will now be saving the play name after you make the changes to the play. This was highly requested by our users, and we have delivered! Enjoy and good luck to you and your team for the remainder of the season! 

CoachMe Football Edition Updates

Product Updates Posted about 9 years ago

Game Plan Starts Here with CoachMe

Spring ball is ready and so is CoachMe. After an extensive beta release, CoachMe is live with full functionality across devices and new features that will further highlight the inclusive platform that CoachMe has been known for.

After our initial beta release, we began on a journey that will allow cross platform synchronization to encourage mobile to web usage of the application and improve overall user experience. With the latest releases of web and mobile versions, CoachMe has been updated to allow playbooks to be shared among Web browsers, iOS and Android devices with further enhancements of the CoachMe Network.

We all know that making a straight line with your finger is not the easiest of things to do on a tablet. Well, CoachMe has made this task easier. With the introduction of the straight-line feature, you are able to toggle between drawing straight lines for cleaner presentation of the play and free-hand for those curve routes.

CoachMe is committed to providing the best user experience. We really appreciate your continuous support! For more information and FAQs please Also feel free to contact us via email at

Game Plan Starts Here

CoachMe Team

CoachMe 4.1.4 Android Release

Announcements Posted over 9 years ago

Are you existing CoachMe Football Edition Pro member? As you may be aware, we have release an update to the Google Play, Amazon and Barnes & Noble application stores. Although the app operates as a new download we have ensured that your account is accessible and you will not have to repurchase the app if you have purchased a previous version of the CoachMe Football Edition Pro application for the Android platform. Please follow the steps below to unlock the CoachMe Football Edition Pro features from CoachMe Football Edition Lite application.

  1. Visit the application store and search for “CoachMe Football Edition”.

  2. Download the CoachMe Football Edition application that looks like the following:

  3. Next, open the app and navigate to the right panel by clicking the Menu Icon  button on the right side.

  4. Click CoachMe Network and choose "No Thanks" when prompted. 

  5. Enter your CoachMe Network credentials. This will be the same username/email address and password that you used to access your playbooks with the old version of the CoachMe app.

    • *If you would like to verify that you have a CoachMe Network account, please visit and login in with your username and password. If you are able to login successfully, you indeed have a CoachMe Network account.
  6. Congratulations you are ready to draw and save plays once again!

Thanks for supporting CoachMe. We are committed to providing the best experience to our users. Therefore if you find any bugs please report them at and we will address them ASAP! Follow us on twitter @CoachMeApps or on Visit us online at, for the latest news.

New CoachMe and Much More!

Product Updates Posted over 9 years ago

Hello Coach,

First, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to you for being a part of the CoachMe Family. Your active use of the platform and great feedback has led us to the experience that we are sharing today. With great reward comes great responsibility. It is a true honor to serve you and your staff with the necessary tools to provide a competitive edge on and off the field. It is an obligation that we do not take lightly. Our journey has led to this moment, in which we are proud to announce, CoachMe 1.0!

This latest build of the CoachMe platform has been a tireless effort to fully integrate staffing needs and player interaction with flexibility and broad reach that technology offers. As you will soon see, CoachMe 1.0 allows the cross platform of desktop and mobile to essentially become one. The cross synchronization of playbooks, sharing, and real-time collaboration has further solidified our motto, Game Plan Starts Here.

We have taken the necessary steps to make sure that this next rollout is adaptable to our CoachMe Family and your continuous success with the platform. Below we have listed the enhancements and things to know about the latest release:

Mobile Migration

Special thanks to all that have created a web account at Until this point, mobile and web has operated independently. The latest release will essentially migrate your local mobile playbooks with playbooks that have been created using the web version of CoachMe.

How does this work?

First, all of the CoachMe Family that has a web and mobile account, will have to log into there account at and go to Settings (the gear tab), click Account Settings, next click Account Tab, then scroll to the bottom to the Merge Network Accounts section, click Merge and enter your user name and password from mobile.

Next, upon logging into the CoachMe Network on your mobile device, you will receive a prompt asking for the following:

  • If you have playbooks on your current device you will be prompted to either overwrite or delete device playbooks with network playbooks of yours.

  • If you have current playbooks on the web with the same name as the mobile device, you will be prompted to either upload the playbook from the device and overwrite the network copy or download the Network and overwrite the device copy of the playbook.

Design and Layout

Our intention is to develop a useful tool that serves its purpose while being pleasing to the eye. The new layout provides needed appeal that is important to our CoachMe Family. Enhancements to player and route options have broaden the communication line to further educate staff on ideas and details.

  • New player icon graphics
  • Chalk Telestration

Android!, We love you too!

Finally and for the first time, Android will have the same features as included in the iOS release. We are extremely excited for this effort and look forward to the CoachMe Family collaborating without the limitation of device.

Thank you and Extended Trial Period!

The CoachMe Family has done an excellent job with fully vetting the latest release and providing meaningful input to bring you the greatest release to date. To provide all of the CoachMe Family with an opportunity to experience the latest release in its full capacity we will be extending all CoachMe web trials until November 4th, 2013. 

We really appreciate your continuous support! For more information and FAQs please visit Also feel free to contact us via email at

Best Regards,


CoachMe Camp Day 7

Announcements Posted almost 10 years ago

Game Day “Put it all together”

Game day is why we put in all the hard work and effort! So far this week, you have learned all about every aspect of the CoachMe Web Edition, now it’s time to bring the other team on the field...The CoachMe Mobile App.  When you have the combination of the two, you have truly gained the competitive edge and brought your team to the new generational era of football.

Today we take a look at the additional features the mobile app provides and how it collaborates with the web edition.  A majority of the features work exactly the same, however there are a few things that the mobile app can do currently that are not available in the web edition (soon to come in web).  Those features include, the passing feature (diagram and animate the path of the football), the chalk feature (telestration over the top of a play), and notes (ability to write notes on a specific play). As a CoachMe member, your account will include new features as they are released.  

The passing feature is a great way to show players the path of the football in a passing play.  To do this, start by drawing a passing play or recall one from your playbook. Then tap the football icon in the bottom toolbar.  To begin the sequence, tap the player you want to start with the football (typically the center), next tap the player or the route tip you want the ball to go to next.  This is described as the passing feature sequence, once you tap on the route tip of a player, you will only be able to tap on other route tips. As you tap through your sequence, you will see a black line and numbers that correspond with the order you have taped.  Once your sequence is set, simply tap the play button and watch as the football snaps, runs, and passing through the sequence.

To view a tutorial of the “Passing Feature” click here:

The new and improved chalk feature is great for quick instruction or to make coaching points to a player without modifying the play you have already saved.  To enable the chalk feature, tap the options button in the top left, then tap on Chalk.  You will see the original drawing toolbar is changed to the new chalk toolbar.  You can tap on the chalk and start drawing, or tap on the gears (setting for chalk) and select the color and width of your chalk.  Once you have drawn on the chalkboard, you can tap on the eraser to manually erase portions of the chalk drawing, or tap the undo button to erase the last line drawn. If you want to erase the entire telestration, tap on the trash can.  To exit the chalk feature, tap the close button in the toolbar and original drawing features toolbar will return.  

To view a tutorial of the “Chalk Feature and toolbar” click here:

Adding notes to a play is great for coaching points or philosophies you want to keep stored with a particular play.  To add notes, tap on options in the top left then tap on notes.  You will see a pop up window that allows you to write in notes.  Once you have entered your desired notes, tap the save button in the pop up window.  This will bring your PlayBooks up and ask you which play you want these notes attached to.  Now when you share that play with someone, they will be able to see the additional notes you have attached.  

To view a tutorial of the “notes feature” click here:

All right, bring it is over:) Great job this week, you have been given a lot of information and like any technique or philosophy it’s going to take a lot of practice to become perfect at it.  The CoachMe Support team is here to help along the way, keep an eye out for future online trainings, and blog posts on more cool tips and secrets on how to further your knowledge and ability in the CoachMe software. Good luck this season and please do let us know how you do and how CoachMe has helped you achieve the competitive edge!!!  

For more tutorials on the CoachMe Mobile App go to our YouTube channel “meapps studio”

Additional resources to learn more about CoachMe:

CoachMe Camp Day 6

Announcements Posted almost 10 years ago

Thursday Practice “How today's generation of players learn the game off the field”

Today’s walkthrough practice is all about bridging the generational technological gap between players and coaches.  A walkthrough practice is all about refreshing the memory and making sure there isn’t any questions running through you players minds before you take the field under the lights.  To this point you have already done the heavy lifting of learning how to manage your LockerRoom, PlayBooks, and Documents.  Now lets take a look at a few features that will really help you connect with the current generation of players.

CoachMe Message is a great resource for you to use when connecting with players.  This can be used on an individual or group basis but allows for a private conversation between you and players.  Today players are dependant on their smartphone and/or tablet/computer, They would much rather text you than talk to you in person or on the phone.  This is why CoachMe Message is so important for you to open another line of communication with them so they can let you know what they are struggling with.  Every coach asks at the end of a drill or practice if there are any questions, very rarely a player will speak up.  But if they can ask the question with no one else knowing that they are asking for help, the odds are greatly increased that they will reach out for help.  Now not only can you help the player with the specific responsibilities of the play, but you can work together in your PlayBooks to make sure you are on the same page.  

To view a how to video/description of “CoachMe Message, Direct message” click here:

We have also included that ability for you as coaches to send CoachMe message as a text message as well so you can address the whole team immediately if you need to.  This can be very helpful in making sure players come to practices or meetings prepared with what you have asked them to bring.  

To view a how to video/description of “CoachMe Message, text message” click here:

With CoachMe Message now in your toolbelt, you have all the new technology that current players can relate to.  Post comments in the LockerRoom, send messages to players, show animation of plays, have them draw plays on their tablet.  These are all things that were not available a short time ago, but you have to keep up.  Trust us when we say, we understand the demands of being a football coach....let CoachMe help you bridge that generation gap and get you back to doing what you love, coaching football!!!

Tomorrow is game day, make sure you get some good carbohydrates tonight.  As many of coaches have always said “the hay is in the barn”. Tomorrow we face the mobile app, and look at what it brings to the field.  

CoachMe Camp Day 5

Announcements Posted almost 10 years ago

Wednesday Practice “Team & Document Management with RTC, take back your time!”


Wednesday practices are usually your last chance to do some full speed drills and see your team perform in a live situations before the lights come on friday night.  You want to make sure you have given your team all the tools needed to be successful.  In order for you to be successful with CoachMe you will need to conquer the advantages of CoachMe Docs and how to use it effectively so you can spend less time doing the administration part of the job and more time coaching!  

To put it in the simplest of terms, CoachMe Docs is where you can create, upload, share and print all of your team documents while being able to work with other members of the organization in real time.  This means you can have multiple people working in the same document while you chat with them and see any changes they make.

To start make sure you have logged into your account, from the LockerRoom toolbar or the drop down menu in the top right corner you will need to select “Documents”.  This will take you to the documents page where once you have created and/or uploaded documents you will see them listed out.  On the right side of the page, you will see that there are some filters provided so once you have a lot of documents you can sort through them quickly and organize them to your liking.  CoachMe Docs has three platforms (word processor, spreadsheet, and presenter) that you can choose to start creating in.  To do so, simply click on “New Doc” and follow the prompts.  

To view a how to video/description on creating new documents click here:

If you are like most of us coaches, you probably already have several documents that you have compiled over the years.  No problem at all! Simply upload them into CoachMe Docs by clicking on the “Upload Doc” and choose the file from your device that you would like to upload. To view a how to video/description on uploading documents click here:

Creating and uploading documents is nothing new for most coaches, however in the past getting those documents to others has been done through emailing, flash drives, merging files, ect.  All things that don’t allow for you to make changes while the document is out of your hands.  Those days are gone with CoachMe Docs! you can simply share the desired documents and choose whether or not you want to give the person the ability to make changes.  To do this, simply click on the arrow located on the right side of the document name you wish to share, then follow the prompts to determine how you want to share it.  You can also edit the name of the document, delete it, or download it to the device you are on.  These are also located to the right of your documents name.  

To view a how to video/description on sharing documents click here:

Now that you have shared a new document or an old one that you uploaded it’s time to take advantage of “Real Time Collaboration”.  This means that the person you shared the document to can open the document and start adding to it while you are still working in that exact same document.  You will see that another user has the document open and another cursor will appear depending on where they are in the document.  At this point you can do a couple things.  First, you can simply watch what they are writing or continue to write as they watch.  Second, you can click on there name and a chat window will appear and you can converse with them about what you are working on.  Last, you can continue working on your section, while they work on another and the content from both of you will be added instantaneously.  

To view a how to video/description on Real Time Collaboration click here:

Now here are just a few examples of how CoachMe Docs can help you save time, be more productive, and streamline the quality of your work.  

  • Practice Plans:

    • Work with your other coaches on a practice plan for the next day from the comfort of your own home.  Imagine being able to share a template for your practice plan to all the coaches and having everyone fill out their section and give feedback on time needed for sections of practice.  This allows for you to print one practice plan that has everyones drills and time frame.  

  • Gear Check in/out:

    • Have one spreadsheet that all your coaches have editable rights to so when a player checks out an extra practice jersey it gets documented and you have an accurate account of all your gear at the end of the year.  This can save your program tons of money by holding the players accountable for the gear they took and used and didn’t turn back in.  

  • Weight room attendance:

    • Now every coach knows who’s in the weight room and can hold their specific position group players accountable for why they were not in attendance.  It doesn’t matter which coach is monitoring that day, because each coach has access and editing rights to the master spreadsheet

  • Scout cards:

    • Every coordinator wants specific plays to be run on scout team, now you can delegate the responsibility of drawing up all the plays.  Start a presenter file and name the plays you want and who you want to draw them.  Then you can print out the cards before practice or even load the slideshow onto your tablet so you can use it during practice

  • Goals:

    • If you enjoy having your players write out goals for the year, this is a great way to have them share the goals with you and you can have them set weekly goals and change them as the season progresses.  It is a way to keep the goals in front of them.

CoachMe Camp Day 4

Announcements Posted almost 10 years ago

Tuesday Practice “Putting your personal signature on your offense/defense”

Now that you have installed your basic drills during monday's practice it’s time to put your personal touch on it.  Everyone runs similar drills during their practice, it’s up to you to emphasize certain techniques and coaching points.  This is where customizing your CoachMe plays sets you apart from the rest.  We have taken lots of suggestions from our mobile users over the last couple years and installed them to help you make the PlayBook you have always wanted!  

To start, make sure you are logged into your account.  Go into your PlayBooks and the last play you were working on should be displayed.  If you want to start with another play, click “New Play” or click on the play name in the top toolbar and select a previously drawn play to work with.  Now lets have some fun!

There are several options to add cosmetic changes to your play.  To start with you can right click on any player and select “Player Settings”.  This will prompt you with a window that gives you the choice to pick a color for the player and/or the players route.  This is great for showing hot routes, reads, or highlighting the ball carrier.  Another option available here is the “Label” box, this allows you to put a players name, or a number for a passing progression.  These are just a few examples of what we have used them for, we are simply trying to give you the tools to do as you see fit.  

To view a how to video/description on “Player Settings” click here:

For more options to customize the entire chalkboard, click on the “Play Setting” button located on the left side of the chalkboard.  This is where you can choose the animation speed and whether or not you want the routes to show or not during the animation.  You can also choose the background type you want to display.  We have included several options so you can use landmarks on the field for passing plays or yard markers for running plays.  

To view a how to video/description on “Play Settings” click here:

With your play finished, it’s time to become a master at the “PlayBook Manager”.  There are a couple ways to navigate, create, and duplicate plays.  We understand that a coaches PlayBook can grow quickly, so we have provided you with multiple ways to recall and produce your plays with ease.

The PlayBook drop down menu is the quickest way to jump from one play to the next.  If you simply click the play name in the top toolbar on the chalkboard, a drop down menu will appear with all your PlayBooks listed.  Hover your mouse over the top of the PlayBook, and the plays inside of that PlayBook will appear, click your desired play and it will recall it to the screen.

To view a how to video/description of “PlayBook drop down menu” click here:

Most coaches like to make minor adjustments to plays, this is no surprise! So if you are looking to change a route or two and give a play a new name, use the “Save Play As” feature. This is found in the top left of the chalkboard.  Once you click “Save Play As” a pop up window will ask you what PlayBook and what name you would like to save the play to.  Once you finish that, you can make the minor adjustments and the play will save in real time.  If you are looking to start a new play from scratch in the current PlayBook, click on “New Play”. This will clear your chalkboard and give the play a default name that you can change at a later point.  

To view a how to video/description of “Save Play As & New Play” click here:

The PlayBook Manager can be accessed by clicking on “View PlayBooks” located at the top of the chalkboard.  This will take you into the PlayBook manager where you can create, view, rename, delete, and share your PlayBooks. By hovering your mouse over the top of the PlayBook, certain icons will show up.  The first icon is an eyeball, this will take you into that play.  The second icon is the pencil, this will allow you to change the name of the play.  The 3rd icon is the trash can, this will delete the play.  The last icon is the arrow, this will prompt you with a screen to share the PlayBook to another member of your organization.  It will ask you to determine whether or not the recipient has editing rights or read only rights. If you have already shared this PlayBook then it will display that in the top of the window and give you the option to unshare it with the member.  

To view a how to video/description of “PlayBook Manager” click here:

That wraps up two full days of PlayBook knowledge! you now have the tools needed to start creating your masterpiece.  Come back to practice tomorrow to learn about CoachMe Docs and how CoachMe is your source for team/document management.  If you have been looking for ways to save time in your packed day as a football coach, don’t miss practice!

CoachMe Camp Day 3

Announcements Posted almost 10 years ago

Monday Practice “Installing your core plays from day 1”

From the moment you step on the field you want to make sure everything you do is in preparation for game day success! Now that you have your CoachMe account all set up and looking sharp, it’s time to get to the X’s and O’s! Today’s practice is all about teaching you how to create a play from start to finish.  Just like when you first introduce a drill to your position group, we have included videos to demonstrate exactly what we're talking about.

To start make sure you log into your account, once you are in your LockerRoom you can go to your PlayBooks by selecting “PlayBooks” from the middle toolbar or from the dropdown menu in the top right corner.  Now you are ready to start drawing your play!

The first step to drawing a play is to set your formation.  You can do this by using the “Player Toolbar” which is located in the bottom right of the chalkboard.  Our recommendation is to always start with the offensive O-Line button located in the Offensive tab.  From there you can scroll through all the players and click on the ones you want to populate on the screen.  Once they are on the screen, simply drag them to your desired location.  

To view a how to video/description on “Player Toolbar” click here:

Now that your formation is set, it’s time to start drawing the correct assignments for the players.  We call these the “Drawing Tools” and you can find them in the bottom left of the chalkboard.  You should find every type of line you want to use including two different motion route styles (we understand everyone draws a little different).  To apply these routes to players, simply click the desired route then click and drag the cursor from the player to the desired stopping location.  To add a second step to the route, click on the end of the first route and drag to the second stopping location (not available on all routes).

To view a how to video/description on “Drawing Tools” click here:

If you are like us, it is hard to draw a play perfectly the first try! Don’t sweat it, we have included several ways to erase anything from a route, player, side of the ball, or the entire board!  These are what we call the “Delete Options” and you can find them by clicking on the trash can or by doing a right click on a specific player.  After years of drawing routes we know how some people will draw the same route multiple times before being satisfied with it, because of this we made an awesome short cut.  If you want to change the route you just drew, simple click and drag a new route from the same player and the old route will automatically disappear!!!

To view a how to video/description on “Delete Options” click here:

Congratulations! you now have a play on the chalkboard! Let’s make it come to life, do this by clicking the play button in the top right of the chalkboard.  You will also notice you can reload the play, or pause during the play if you want to make coaching points!

To view a how to video/description on “Animation” click here:

Now if you were wondering about how to save this great play you just drew up, we went ahead and saved it in real time for you! The play is always saving as you work through it.  You can always see the title of the PlayBook and Play in the top middle of the chalkboard.  If you just start drawing a play, it will be a default name that you can change in the PlayBook Manager (we will go into more detail on this tomorrow).  

To finish this great day of practice, we won’t line you up for sprints, instead we invite you to print your play by clicking on the print icon on the left of the chalkboard.  This will generate a window that will walk you through printing this great play you diagrammed today.

Go home, rest, and hydrate for tomorrow's practice.  We will be going over how to take this play you diagrammed and make it your custom masterpiece!!!

CoachMe Camp Day 2

Announcements Posted almost 10 years ago

Coaches Meeting “preparation for week of practice”

Every good week of practice starts with a solid coaches meeting, plan for success and maximize every minute you have on the practice field.  In order to fully maximize the capabilities of CoachMe you must first understand and master CoachMe LockerRoom.  The LockerRoom is your operations center and everything is run through it! So lets start by making the LockerRoom your custom LockerRoom!

To customize your LockerRoom with your team colors, logos, and pictures go to your team settings under the drop down menu located next to your name in the top right corner of the page.  Once you enter the team settings page you will see plenty of options to fully customize the LockerRoom.

To view a how to video/description on team settings click here:

Once you have your LockerRoom looking the way you want it, it’s time to invite your coaches, players and staff.  We call this Roster Management, You can do this by simply clicking the “view roster” link located on the right side of the screen over the sideline which will have the avatars of the members of your team once they have accepted their invitation. Once you click “view roster” it will prompt you to designate what type of invitation it is and for the email address to the recipient.  You can enter multiple emails at once.

To view a how to video/description on Roster management click here:

With your LockerRoom looking good, team invited, it’s time to finish your setup.  Every member of your organization has their own locker, including you! So go back into the drop down menu in the top right, and select “Account Settings.” This will prompt you with plenty of options to customize what your personal locker looks like.  This is also where you can change your account information if needed.  

To view a how to video/description on account settings click here:

Congratulations! Your setup is complete and now it’s time to cover the capabilities of the LockerRoom.  In the simplest of terms, the LockerRoom is your teams closed social network allowing you to post and comment on the general wall, or on an individuals locker wall.  How you choose to use this powerful tool is completely up to you, our vision was to give you the opportunity to communicate with your team in the most popular platform (social networking) available today.  Some of the obvious use cases would be to notify your team of announcements, time changes, meeting locations, motivational sayings, and gathering of information.  We put together a short video of some examples of how you could use the LockerRoom.  Here is also a video on the specifics of how to post and comment.  

To view the how to video/description on the LockerRoom click here:

You are now a master of CoachMe LockerRoom! You are ready to hit the field for practice, check in tomorrow to learn about CoachMe PlayBooks and how to create a play from start to finish!

CoachMe Camp Day 1

Announcements Posted almost 10 years ago

Team meeting before camp 

“Introductions, schedule, and expectations” 

Welcome to CoachMe Camp! We will be treating this week just like you would if you were installing a new offensive or defensive system to your team.  We have put together a game plan to introduce all of CoachMe’s features and capabilities.  

Just like any offensive or defensive system, we have some really great game breakers and special plays, but you need to make sure you are solid on your core plays before you start putting in game specific tweaks and adjustments.  With that in mind, we are going to layout everything you need to know about CoachMe to take full advantage and start gaining that competitive edge!  

Below is our “practice plan” for the week, by the end of the week you will be able to take the field confident in your abilities to come out with a victory! But first, we need to make sure you are equipped with the right gear to be safe and avoid injury:)

Current CoachMe Mobile App members this is ****VERY IMPORTANT**** to make sure all of your previous work is saved and migrated correctly to our new and improved servers! We will be releasing a new update for the mobile app very soon and when it is available we will post a “How To” blog for you to follow to migrate all your previous work.  

If you already have a login great! If not, go to and sign up for the free 30 day trial.  You will need an account to try out everything we do in camp and get you started.  

For a How To video/description of how to sign up for the Free 30 day trial, Click Here:

CoachMe Camp Practice Plan

Day 1

Team Meeting

  • Introduction to CoachMe Camp

    • Step by step directions to set up your web account

    • Outline practice schedule for camp

Day 2

Coaches Meeting

  • Introduction to CoachMe LockerRoom

    • Learn how to setup your account and how to customize your private secure web portal for you team.  

    • Demonstrations of how to use CoachMe LockerRoom to connect with your team and help improve your communication with players

Day 3

Monday Practice

  • Introduction to PlayBooks (part 1)

    • Learn how to draw a play from start to finish

Day 4

Tuesday Practice

  • Introduction to PlayBooks (part 2)

    • Customize your plays, take a simple play and turn it into your masterpiece

Day 5

Wednesday Practice

  • Introduction into team/document management

    • Learn how to create, upload, and share all your documents

    • Learn how to take advantage of Real Time Collaboration in CoachMe Docs

      • Save precious time!!!

    • Demonstrations of examples in CoachMe Docs

Day 6

Thursday Practice

  • Bridging the generational technological gap between coaches and players

    • Learn how to use CoachMe Message

    • Learn about the advantages of using CoachMe and how it helps players better understand the game

Day 7


  • Put it all together

    • Mobile App resources and new features

    • Additional resources available to further educate you on CoachMe

CoachMe 1.0 Coming Soon!

Press Releases Posted almost 10 years ago
The football season is right around the corner and we have been hard at work this offseason to bring our CoachMe members the competitive edge this fall.  We are pleased to announce that we are releasing CoachMe 1.0 over the next two weeks!!!

With the release of CoachMe 1.0 we want to thank all of our beta testers for their hard work and patience through the process.  To ensure the security and transferability of all our mobile and web members PlayBooks the release will happen in stages.  Keep an eye out for emails and blog posts over the coming weeks to get directions on how to sync your current accounts.  

Here are some highlights of what’s coming!!!

CoachMe 1.0 web version

  • New and updated features

    • Player, animation, and field options

    • “Save As”, and “New Play” features

    • PlayBook drop down menu from within the chalkboard

    • Enhancements to CoachMe LockerRoom, Docs, and Message

    • Notifications

    • Lots and lots of bug fixes :-)

Mobile to web collaboration!!!

  • Sync your mobile and web accounts

  • Details to come for migrating your current PlayBooks

New mobile app update (coming soon!!!)

  • New Features

    • Complete new design

    • Telestration (use the chalkboard with your plays)

    • New players

    • Enhanced user experience

    • Updated CoachMe Network

  • Get the beta version early, click on this link if you want a sneak peak

Extended trial period for beta testers (Thank you for your patience over the offseason)

  • If you have signed up for a trial on the web before July 15th, your trial will expire on Aug. 21st

CoachMe Camp July 27 - August 2nd

  • Welcome to CoachMe 101, there will be blog posts daily with detailed How To’s and video tutorials on all of CoachMe’s features.  By the end of the week, you will have all the knowledge and tools you’ll need to use CoachMe to gain that competitive edge for this season!

Game Plan Starts Here

CoachMe Team

How Bad Do You Want It?

Founders Chatter Posted about 10 years ago

Spring Practice is here for most programs! It’s time to lace up, strap up and rise up to greatness. The best part about being great is the continuous journey to perfection. A video came across the CoachMe desks earlier that speaks to the idea of rising to the occasion and beyond, working hard, striving for excellence, taking advantage of the opportunity and exceeding beyond measure. We hope the video is motivation to your team as it is motivation for us to continue to make the CoachMe Platform the Competitive Edge tool you need and want.

Thanks to Rank Society for the YouTube Video!

Game Plan Starts Here

CoachMe Team

Rolling Out New Features

Founders Chatter Posted about 10 years ago

If you haven’t logged into your CoachMe account in a couple weeks you are missing out on all the updates we have made! We are working around the clock and releasing new updates constantly! So login, create a new play and see if you can notice all the new features! (hint, try right clicking on your player or starting a new play from the same screen)

Keep an eye out, as the next couple weeks will bring some of the most exciting features yet! Keep working away in the mobile app as well, very soon your work will be compatible between platforms!!!

We are available to help you as you start creating your PlayBooks and Documents so let us know what we can do for you.  

Game Plan Start Here

CoachMe Team