Team meeting before camp 

“Introductions, schedule, and expectations” 

Welcome to CoachMe Camp! We will be treating this week just like you would if you were installing a new offensive or defensive system to your team.  We have put together a game plan to introduce all of CoachMe’s features and capabilities.  

Just like any offensive or defensive system, we have some really great game breakers and special plays, but you need to make sure you are solid on your core plays before you start putting in game specific tweaks and adjustments.  With that in mind, we are going to layout everything you need to know about CoachMe to take full advantage and start gaining that competitive edge!  

Below is our “practice plan” for the week, by the end of the week you will be able to take the field confident in your abilities to come out with a victory! But first, we need to make sure you are equipped with the right gear to be safe and avoid injury:)

Current CoachMe Mobile App members this is ****VERY IMPORTANT**** to make sure all of your previous work is saved and migrated correctly to our new and improved servers! We will be releasing a new update for the mobile app very soon and when it is available we will post a “How To” blog for you to follow to migrate all your previous work.  

If you already have a login great! If not, go to and sign up for the free 30 day trial.  You will need an account to try out everything we do in camp and get you started.  

For a How To video/description of how to sign up for the Free 30 day trial, Click Here:

CoachMe Camp Practice Plan

Day 1

Team Meeting

  • Introduction to CoachMe Camp

    • Step by step directions to set up your web account

    • Outline practice schedule for camp

Day 2

Coaches Meeting

  • Introduction to CoachMe LockerRoom

    • Learn how to setup your account and how to customize your private secure web portal for you team.  

    • Demonstrations of how to use CoachMe LockerRoom to connect with your team and help improve your communication with players

Day 3

Monday Practice

  • Introduction to PlayBooks (part 1)

    • Learn how to draw a play from start to finish

Day 4

Tuesday Practice

  • Introduction to PlayBooks (part 2)

    • Customize your plays, take a simple play and turn it into your masterpiece

Day 5

Wednesday Practice

  • Introduction into team/document management

    • Learn how to create, upload, and share all your documents

    • Learn how to take advantage of Real Time Collaboration in CoachMe Docs

      • Save precious time!!!

    • Demonstrations of examples in CoachMe Docs

Day 6

Thursday Practice

  • Bridging the generational technological gap between coaches and players

    • Learn how to use CoachMe Message

    • Learn about the advantages of using CoachMe and how it helps players better understand the game

Day 7


  • Put it all together

    • Mobile App resources and new features

    • Additional resources available to further educate you on CoachMe