Hello, my name is CoachMe and I help you draw your PlayBooks like a Pro! Soon, I will be available in a browser near you.

CoachMe in it's mobile incarnation has become the fastest growing and most popular PlayBook diagramming platform for coaches and players at all levels worldwide. When we started on this journey in 2011, we never had that in mind.  You can read more about our story here .  But, what we did have in mind was to create a great product, a product that we would be using ourselves. Our passion to share this great product with the community of coaches and players has come a long way. Those members who have been with us at the very beginning can attest to the maturity of CoachMe.  They have witness our commitment to providing the best user experience that helps give them a competitive edge. We are now going to take that commitment to the next level.

Today, we are happy to announce CoachMe™ Web Edition. This is truly the best thing we have ever done. We have been hard at work to bring you the most requested and highly anticipated product by our members and we've been dying to share it with you.

CoachMe™ Web Edition takes communication between coaches and players to a whole new level. With CoachMe, you will have a customized web-portal just for your team. There you will be able to create, share and collaborate on plays between coaches and players doing so in real-time. In your team portal, accessible from any device, you will be able to send messages and do live chats between members of your team. You will be able to share a play privately to one member or blast it to all the members of your team where everyone can comment and collaborate on that same play to perfection. 

But it gets better...
We are not only bringing CoachMe™ PlayBook to the web with all it's awesome features. That alone would not be innovative. So, in addition to CoachMe™ PlayBook, we are going to unleash a suite of products available within your team web portal. Here are a few of them:

CoachMe™ Docs

Manage and share your sports related documents with coaches and players on your team. Organization documents (depth charts, rosters, practice plans, play cards/scripts, stats, workout plans, presentations) can be created, managed, shared or uploaded from existing Word, Excel and Powerpoint files with editing features.

CoachMe™ Live

You draw it, they see it! CoachMe™ Live gives you the ability to draw and animate plays in real-time. Interact with other coaches and players live from your phone, tablet or computer. Forget the meeting room and take the whiteboard wherever you go with CoachMe™ Live.

CoachMe™ Webcast

Host live private and public online webcasts with your coaches, players and fans around the world! Can’t make the meeting? Get online and watch from your phone, tablet or computer. One-on-one players and coaches interviews? Do them with CoachMe Webcast! You can also create a webinar for clinics, blogs or to share with your team.

Simply awesome! We are currently in private beta. We are driving a very comprehensive beta program with coaches and players from all levels. As we have done with our beta program for CoachMe mobile, when the beta team gives us the green light we will release it fully to the public. To join the beta team, you can sign up here . We will be thrilled to have you on board.

One more thing...
We wanted to create a community where coaches, new coaches and sports fan from around the world can come to learn, teach, share knowledge and experiences amongst each other.  But we did not want just a forum. We wanted a "forum" plus access to coaching tools integrated together. So, we are introducing Coach's Corner, the coaches playground. Enough said. Coach’s Corner is live and you can start sharing knowledge and experiences now by signing up here. You’ll notice that we have a badge system which comes with a lot of perks.

These are truly some of the most exciting times for us at CoachMe. The desire to deliver products that enable a competitive edge for coaches and players is our passion. It has become our mission. 

So give CoachMe a try and sign up here. Stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news on CoachMe. 

We’re looking forward to hearing from you all.

Game Plan Starts Here,

CoachMe Team