Hello Coach,

First, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to you for being a part of the CoachMe Family. Your active use of the platform and great feedback has led us to the experience that we are sharing today. With great reward comes great responsibility. It is a true honor to serve you and your staff with the necessary tools to provide a competitive edge on and off the field. It is an obligation that we do not take lightly. Our journey has led to this moment, in which we are proud to announce, CoachMe 1.0!

This latest build of the CoachMe platform has been a tireless effort to fully integrate staffing needs and player interaction with flexibility and broad reach that technology offers. As you will soon see, CoachMe 1.0 allows the cross platform of desktop and mobile to essentially become one. The cross synchronization of playbooks, sharing, and real-time collaboration has further solidified our motto, Game Plan Starts Here.

We have taken the necessary steps to make sure that this next rollout is adaptable to our CoachMe Family and your continuous success with the platform. Below we have listed the enhancements and things to know about the latest release:

Mobile Migration

Special thanks to all that have created a web account at www.CoachMeApps.com. Until this point, mobile and web has operated independently. The latest release will essentially migrate your local mobile playbooks with playbooks that have been created using the web version of CoachMe.

How does this work?

First, all of the CoachMe Family that has a web and mobile account, will have to log into there account at www.CoachMeApps.com and go to Settings (the gear tab), click Account Settings, next click Account Tab, then scroll to the bottom to the Merge Network Accounts section, click Merge and enter your user name and password from mobile.

Next, upon logging into the CoachMe Network on your mobile device, you will receive a prompt asking for the following:

  • If you have playbooks on your current device you will be prompted to either overwrite or delete device playbooks with network playbooks of yours.

  • If you have current playbooks on the web with the same name as the mobile device, you will be prompted to either upload the playbook from the device and overwrite the network copy or download the Network and overwrite the device copy of the playbook.

Design and Layout

Our intention is to develop a useful tool that serves its purpose while being pleasing to the eye. The new layout provides needed appeal that is important to our CoachMe Family. Enhancements to player and route options have broaden the communication line to further educate staff on ideas and details.

  • New player icon graphics
  • Chalk Telestration

Android!, We love you too!

Finally and for the first time, Android will have the same features as included in the iOS release. We are extremely excited for this effort and look forward to the CoachMe Family collaborating without the limitation of device.

Thank you and Extended Trial Period!

The CoachMe Family has done an excellent job with fully vetting the latest release and providing meaningful input to bring you the greatest release to date. To provide all of the CoachMe Family with an opportunity to experience the latest release in its full capacity we will be extending all CoachMe web trials until November 4th, 2013. 

We really appreciate your continuous support! For more information and FAQs please visit CoachMe.Uservoice.com. Also feel free to contact us via email at support@coachmeapps.com

Best Regards,