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CoachMe Football Edition Updates

Product Updates Posted almost 10 years ago

Game Plan Starts Here with CoachMe

Spring ball is ready and so is CoachMe. After an extensive beta release, CoachMe is live with full functionality across devices and new features that will further highlight the inclusive platform that CoachMe has been known for.

After our initial beta release, we began on a journey that will allow cross platform synchronization to encourage mobile to web usage of the application and improve overall user experience. With the latest releases of web and mobile versions, CoachMe has been updated to allow playbooks to be shared among Web browsers, iOS and Android devices with further enhancements of the CoachMe Network.

We all know that making a straight line with your finger is not the easiest of things to do on a tablet. Well, CoachMe has made this task easier. With the introduction of the straight-line feature, you are able to toggle between drawing straight lines for cleaner presentation of the play and free-hand for those curve routes.

CoachMe is committed to providing the best user experience. We really appreciate your continuous support! For more information and FAQs please Also feel free to contact us via email at

Game Plan Starts Here

CoachMe Team

CoachMe 4.1.4 Android Release

Announcements Posted about 10 years ago

Are you existing CoachMe Football Edition Pro member? As you may be aware, we have release an update to the Google Play, Amazon and Barnes & Noble application stores. Although the app operates as a new download we have ensured that your account is accessible and you will not have to repurchase the app if you have purchased a previous version of the CoachMe Football Edition Pro application for the Android platform. Please follow the steps below to unlock the CoachMe Football Edition Pro features from CoachMe Football Edition Lite application.

  1. Visit the application store and search for “CoachMe Football Edition”.

  2. Download the CoachMe Football Edition application that looks like the following:

  3. Next, open the app and navigate to the right panel by clicking the Menu Icon  button on the right side.

  4. Click CoachMe Network and choose "No Thanks" when prompted. 

  5. Enter your CoachMe Network credentials. This will be the same username/email address and password that you used to access your playbooks with the old version of the CoachMe app.

    • *If you would like to verify that you have a CoachMe Network account, please visit and login in with your username and password. If you are able to login successfully, you indeed have a CoachMe Network account.
  6. Congratulations you are ready to draw and save plays once again!

Thanks for supporting CoachMe. We are committed to providing the best experience to our users. Therefore if you find any bugs please report them at and we will address them ASAP! Follow us on twitter @CoachMeApps or on Visit us online at, for the latest news.