We are excited to announce we have made several changes as requested by our users to the web playbook editor.  First and foremost you will see a dramatic speed difference in the loading time when you recall a saved play, this will enable you to quickly jump from play to play! We also increased the speed for the "Save As" tool so you can create your entire playbook and/or scout cards much faster. 

We also changed the user experience of saving to match that of our mobile app! You will now see a "Save" button located on the web editor similar to the mobile app (see picture below).  This means you are now in control of when you want your play to be saved, gone is the real time saving and labeling plays before creation.  Simply draw, tweak, and finish the play you want and save it along the way or at the end.  This means when you take advantage of the "Save As" feature, you will now be saving the play name after you make the changes to the play. This was highly requested by our users, and we have delivered! Enjoy and good luck to you and your team for the remainder of the season!