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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take after I sign up to have access to CoachMe?


How can I add members to my LockerRoom?

The head coach and team administrators will have access to invite other members into the LockerRoom. You simply provide their e-mail address and they will receive an invitation e-mail.

Who’s who amongst CoachMe?

We are humbled by the various organizations around the world that look to CoachMe for their competitive edge. CoachMe is being used by youth, high school, colleges, club leagues, semi-pro and professional leagues such as the CFL and NFL.

Give it a try and see why everyone is loving CoachMe.

Do I need any special software to use CoachMe?

Absolutely not! CoachMe is all about accessibility from anywhere, at anytime, with any device. You will however need to be working on a device that is connected to the internet on the web.

Can I sign up to be a part of more than one organization?

CoachMe has a secure platform that allows for members to be connected to a single organization at one-time.

How do I connect my mobile app PlayBook to my web PlayBook?

You can sync your Playbooks by logging into your CoachMe Network account on your mobile device with your CoachMe Web credentials. Move your PlayBooks from “on device” to “on network” and your PlayBooks will sync between mobile and web platforms.

How do I set-up my organization with accounts?

With any standard CoachMe account your head coach and/or team admin will have the ability to invite members by inputting their email address. Once the email is confirmed the member can then set their password and will be added to the LockerRoom.

Where can I download the mobile apps?

CoachMe mobile apps can be found in your Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon AppStore, Barnes & Noble Nook App Store.

Who can have administrative rights within my organization?

Administrative rights can be given to any other member within the organization by current team admins.

How do I delete a member from our account?

The head coach/administrator can delete a member by simply viewing the roster from the LockerRoom and selecting the delete icon listed next to the member’s name.

Can I allow any member into the LockerRoom?

CoachMe LockerRoom is designed for your players and staff to collaborate on ideas, send out alerts and stay up to date with latest information provided. The LockerRoom Admin (HC, OC, DC, etc.) will have the permission to add members at any time.

Can I set permissions on who can see various content?

You are in control of what content you share with other members, you also have the control to decide if you want to give them editable rights or read-only rights.

Can I limit who sees a post I make in the LockerRoom?

When you post in the LockerRoom activity feed, it is viewable by all members in the organization. If you want to limit who sees your message, you will need to send a message through CoachMe Message (you can customize who receives your message this way).

I cannot remember my password, how can I request a new password?

Please click the “Log In” Button and click the “Forgot your password”.

Enter the email address associated with the account.

I cannot send a message to another player. What should I do?

Please verify that the user you would like to send to is on the roster.

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