Tuesday Practice “Putting your personal signature on your offense/defense”

Now that you have installed your basic drills during monday's practice it’s time to put your personal touch on it.  Everyone runs similar drills during their practice, it’s up to you to emphasize certain techniques and coaching points.  This is where customizing your CoachMe plays sets you apart from the rest.  We have taken lots of suggestions from our mobile users over the last couple years and installed them to help you make the PlayBook you have always wanted!  

To start, make sure you are logged into your account.  Go into your PlayBooks and the last play you were working on should be displayed.  If you want to start with another play, click “New Play” or click on the play name in the top toolbar and select a previously drawn play to work with.  Now lets have some fun!

There are several options to add cosmetic changes to your play.  To start with you can right click on any player and select “Player Settings”.  This will prompt you with a window that gives you the choice to pick a color for the player and/or the players route.  This is great for showing hot routes, reads, or highlighting the ball carrier.  Another option available here is the “Label” box, this allows you to put a players name, or a number for a passing progression.  These are just a few examples of what we have used them for, we are simply trying to give you the tools to do as you see fit.  

To view a how to video/description on “Player Settings” click here:

For more options to customize the entire chalkboard, click on the “Play Setting” button located on the left side of the chalkboard.  This is where you can choose the animation speed and whether or not you want the routes to show or not during the animation.  You can also choose the background type you want to display.  We have included several options so you can use landmarks on the field for passing plays or yard markers for running plays.  

To view a how to video/description on “Play Settings” click here:

With your play finished, it’s time to become a master at the “PlayBook Manager”.  There are a couple ways to navigate, create, and duplicate plays.  We understand that a coaches PlayBook can grow quickly, so we have provided you with multiple ways to recall and produce your plays with ease.

The PlayBook drop down menu is the quickest way to jump from one play to the next.  If you simply click the play name in the top toolbar on the chalkboard, a drop down menu will appear with all your PlayBooks listed.  Hover your mouse over the top of the PlayBook, and the plays inside of that PlayBook will appear, click your desired play and it will recall it to the screen.

To view a how to video/description of “PlayBook drop down menu” click here:

Most coaches like to make minor adjustments to plays, this is no surprise! So if you are looking to change a route or two and give a play a new name, use the “Save Play As” feature. This is found in the top left of the chalkboard.  Once you click “Save Play As” a pop up window will ask you what PlayBook and what name you would like to save the play to.  Once you finish that, you can make the minor adjustments and the play will save in real time.  If you are looking to start a new play from scratch in the current PlayBook, click on “New Play”. This will clear your chalkboard and give the play a default name that you can change at a later point.  

To view a how to video/description of “Save Play As & New Play” click here:

The PlayBook Manager can be accessed by clicking on “View PlayBooks” located at the top of the chalkboard.  This will take you into the PlayBook manager where you can create, view, rename, delete, and share your PlayBooks. By hovering your mouse over the top of the PlayBook, certain icons will show up.  The first icon is an eyeball, this will take you into that play.  The second icon is the pencil, this will allow you to change the name of the play.  The 3rd icon is the trash can, this will delete the play.  The last icon is the arrow, this will prompt you with a screen to share the PlayBook to another member of your organization.  It will ask you to determine whether or not the recipient has editing rights or read only rights. If you have already shared this PlayBook then it will display that in the top of the window and give you the option to unshare it with the member.  

To view a how to video/description of “PlayBook Manager” click here:

That wraps up two full days of PlayBook knowledge! you now have the tools needed to start creating your masterpiece.  Come back to practice tomorrow to learn about CoachMe Docs and how CoachMe is your source for team/document management.  If you have been looking for ways to save time in your packed day as a football coach, don’t miss practice!