Wednesday Practice “Team & Document Management with RTC, take back your time!”


Wednesday practices are usually your last chance to do some full speed drills and see your team perform in a live situations before the lights come on friday night.  You want to make sure you have given your team all the tools needed to be successful.  In order for you to be successful with CoachMe you will need to conquer the advantages of CoachMe Docs and how to use it effectively so you can spend less time doing the administration part of the job and more time coaching!  

To put it in the simplest of terms, CoachMe Docs is where you can create, upload, share and print all of your team documents while being able to work with other members of the organization in real time.  This means you can have multiple people working in the same document while you chat with them and see any changes they make.

To start make sure you have logged into your account, from the LockerRoom toolbar or the drop down menu in the top right corner you will need to select “Documents”.  This will take you to the documents page where once you have created and/or uploaded documents you will see them listed out.  On the right side of the page, you will see that there are some filters provided so once you have a lot of documents you can sort through them quickly and organize them to your liking.  CoachMe Docs has three platforms (word processor, spreadsheet, and presenter) that you can choose to start creating in.  To do so, simply click on “New Doc” and follow the prompts.  

To view a how to video/description on creating new documents click here:

If you are like most of us coaches, you probably already have several documents that you have compiled over the years.  No problem at all! Simply upload them into CoachMe Docs by clicking on the “Upload Doc” and choose the file from your device that you would like to upload. To view a how to video/description on uploading documents click here:

Creating and uploading documents is nothing new for most coaches, however in the past getting those documents to others has been done through emailing, flash drives, merging files, ect.  All things that don’t allow for you to make changes while the document is out of your hands.  Those days are gone with CoachMe Docs! you can simply share the desired documents and choose whether or not you want to give the person the ability to make changes.  To do this, simply click on the arrow located on the right side of the document name you wish to share, then follow the prompts to determine how you want to share it.  You can also edit the name of the document, delete it, or download it to the device you are on.  These are also located to the right of your documents name.  

To view a how to video/description on sharing documents click here:

Now that you have shared a new document or an old one that you uploaded it’s time to take advantage of “Real Time Collaboration”.  This means that the person you shared the document to can open the document and start adding to it while you are still working in that exact same document.  You will see that another user has the document open and another cursor will appear depending on where they are in the document.  At this point you can do a couple things.  First, you can simply watch what they are writing or continue to write as they watch.  Second, you can click on there name and a chat window will appear and you can converse with them about what you are working on.  Last, you can continue working on your section, while they work on another and the content from both of you will be added instantaneously.  

To view a how to video/description on Real Time Collaboration click here:

Now here are just a few examples of how CoachMe Docs can help you save time, be more productive, and streamline the quality of your work.  

  • Practice Plans:

    • Work with your other coaches on a practice plan for the next day from the comfort of your own home.  Imagine being able to share a template for your practice plan to all the coaches and having everyone fill out their section and give feedback on time needed for sections of practice.  This allows for you to print one practice plan that has everyones drills and time frame.  

  • Gear Check in/out:

    • Have one spreadsheet that all your coaches have editable rights to so when a player checks out an extra practice jersey it gets documented and you have an accurate account of all your gear at the end of the year.  This can save your program tons of money by holding the players accountable for the gear they took and used and didn’t turn back in.  

  • Weight room attendance:

    • Now every coach knows who’s in the weight room and can hold their specific position group players accountable for why they were not in attendance.  It doesn’t matter which coach is monitoring that day, because each coach has access and editing rights to the master spreadsheet

  • Scout cards:

    • Every coordinator wants specific plays to be run on scout team, now you can delegate the responsibility of drawing up all the plays.  Start a presenter file and name the plays you want and who you want to draw them.  Then you can print out the cards before practice or even load the slideshow onto your tablet so you can use it during practice

  • Goals:

    • If you enjoy having your players write out goals for the year, this is a great way to have them share the goals with you and you can have them set weekly goals and change them as the season progresses.  It is a way to keep the goals in front of them.